Next generation multi-camera production tools

Multi-camera workflows that let producers focus on content.

FN WORKFLOW SUITE (FNWS) is a media management, logging, automated LTO, production tailored toolset that is designed and customized for each individual project. Guided by our team of experts, the FNWS is a service that helps productions find the quickest, most flexible and cost effective workflow to take their shows from production, to post and delivery as smoothly as possible.

Record & Control

Powerful Cinedeck based recording that supports endless format and codec configurations

  • No need for transcoding
  • Generate Online and Offline media at the same time
  • Record directly to Avid ready formats and dramatically reduce ingest times
  • Use normal SSDs and hard drives, no camera specific media required

The FN WORKFLOW SUITE utilizes Cinedeck recorders to provide a flexible, stable base for multi-camera recording applications. With the ability to record many simultaneous resolutions from a single video stream, the Cinedeck enables the FNWS to offer speed and efficiency in bridging the gap from production to post. Combined with FNTECH’s own customized multi-deck controller, productions can centralize their recording operations and command an unlimited number of record channels with only a single operator.  Scheduled records, remote control and record automation simplify the process and offer the opportunity for custom integration with existing in-house systems.

The FN WORKFLOW SUITE is designed around the idea of “zero ingest.”  Clips are recorded directly into Avid-native MXF OP-Atom format, instantly available to edit within Media Composer without any time-consuming transcoding or rewrapping.  When combined with Avid shared storage, the FN WORKFLOW SUITE enables editorial to work with the footage immediately as soon as a clip is closed.

Save days of ingesting and transcoding by recording directly to XDCAM or DNxHD MXF Op-atom, Avid Media Composer’s native working format.

Control numerous records simultaneously and easily with custom tailored controls designed around your production’s requirements.

Timecode synced logging streamlines the tedious task of writing accurate log notes, while automatically generating ready to use XML, Excel and Avid ready markers.

Intuitive touchscreen interface with custom character and location tags, note flags and show-specific notations makes searching and organizing log notes a breeze.

Live Logging

Eliminate days of post-logging and cumbersome paper note-taking with live log notes that are immediately usable by editors and story producers.

  • Log in real-time with timecode accurate notes
  • Automatically apply log notes to H.264 proxies and Avid media
  • Create custom formatted excel documents, XMLs and more with your log notes
  • Eliminate the need for post-logging

While recording, our Live Logging System allows an operator to take timecode-accurate notes that are stored in a central database. The logging interface and tags are customized to suit the specific needs of the production and post teams in order to maximize the value of the information collected and eliminate wasted logging effort. Taking advantage of the AAF open standard, the FN WORKFLOW SUITE can generate Avid data on-set, creating Avid markers, sequences and subclips as required based on the custom logging data.

Our experts work with your team

to create the best workflow and custom solutions for your production.

Multi-group & Subclip Creation

Have your media grouped, labeled and synced, with log notes attached before it even enters Media Composer.

  • Save hours of work with automatically sync and group media
  • Log notes are applied to the media and appear on the timeline in Avid
  • Generate Avid subclips based on live log notes
  • Automatically renamed audio tracks

What used to take hours of assistant editor work now takes seconds with the use of FN WORKFLOW SUITE’s dynamic AAF creation.  Based on thousands of hours of real world workflow experience, this groundbreaking system creates Avid Media Composer clips, sequences and groups with metadata that is immediately useful to the editorial process.

Recorded assets can be automatically grouped together including complex multigroups where individual cameras start and stop within the same group, selects sequences can be automatically generated based on tags that the live loggers applied live on set, and subclips can be generated for each log note individually for easy access to specific content.

By understanding and tailoring the output to your specific production, FN WORKFLOW SUITE can potentially eliminate days or weeks of tedious post-logging and Assistant Editor prep work by delivering a fully featured, ingested and logged project directly from set.

Make sure the log notes your team makes is used by having them automatically applied to the correct clips in Media Composer. FNWS makes sure your log notes make it from set to post.

Instantly create complex, synced multi-cam groups with automatically labeled audio tracks in seconds. What used to take Assistant Editors hours can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

Proxy Search & Playback

Search for specific moments in time using our extraordinarily fast and powerful search engine.  H.264 proxies are combined with live log notes to create a searchable database of your media.

The search functionality is powered by the Live Loggers which allows your Post-production team to easily search for anything that was logged. The same log notes are automatically applied to your media in Avid. This makes the time consuming task of sifting through hundreds of hours of footage more efficient.

Simplify the task of managing the backup of all master media by automating the duplication of media to nearline raids, transfer drives and LTO archive systems.

Confirm the integrity of your data at every stage of your backup process with MD5 checksum verifications.

Automatic Backup & Archival

Make sure your master media is handled properly and backed up immediately while you're still shooting.

  • Backup and archive footage with no human intervention
  • Unlimited configurable backup jobs
  • Automated LTO archive
  • MD5 checksums for every transfer
  • Automatically create media delivery drives

Protect and copy your master media with ease and confidence with our Advanced Media Management application. Automatically create backups of all master media as soon as a clip has finished recording with unlimited customizable jobs that trigger without human intervention.

Save time by having transfer drives of your media created automatically as you shoot. Immediately backup your footage to LTO tapes to protect your master media. Every duplication of data is verified by a MD5-checksum process to verify its integrity.


FNTECH is a on-set technical service and post-production provider that offers tailored solutions which specifically addresses each production’s unique technical requirements. FNTECH offers a wide range of services that include turn-key multi-camera recording systems, production and post-production workflow consultation, editorial rentals, and data archiving.

FNTECH is committed to innovation and providing clients with cutting edge solutions to help make their productions as efficient as possible.



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